Our Products

Hair Knowlogy hair care products are some of the finest available.

Shampoos range from normal to clarifying.

Conditioners are available from intense to weightless. Spray gels and styling paste are artfully formulated to give superior working results.

The brushes used are selected for their construction and usability. Spun polyester bristles prevent damage to the hair shaft. They are made of recycled material.

Your stylist will advise you of products necessary to recreate your look at home. 



Organic Products

We also carry a true organic product line for those clients who have chemical sensitivity.

We carry a complete line of Jane Iredale environmentally safe non toxic makeu p. A consultation is available upon request.

Sadly enough, in our quest for human friendly products we have found that none actually reflect a true "chemically free" process of development.

Hopefully our stage of human metamorphous has allowed our systems to sustain and tolerate certain chemicals for our survival.
We will do what is humanly possible to run an earth protective business by recycling our materials, and we encourage others to do the same.

Coffee and teas are available for our clients.  Our coffee pods are organic, and decaf is not available due to the chemical process used.  Organic teas with no caffeine are also available.  We do not provide artificial sweetener due to the aspartame content.  Please feel free to try to raw sugar.

In order to maintain an earth friendly work environment and balance, the minimum for germs, we use plastic drinking cups.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Hairknowlogy. --Sharon Riordan